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My night of 100 compliments.

Are you good at giving compliments? I used to be horrible at it, until I decided to work on it. Today, it’s one of my favorite ways to connect with people, and a little while ago I took it to extremes! The backstory. On my vacation last week I went to an incredible event in…

How to get help with anything.

How easily do you get help from others? A little while ago I quietly launched a little course I called “Fun Social Ninja Hacks”. It’s just a silly little thing with 13 videos that gives you quick little social tricks you can use to improve your results, but one of the videos, in particular, has…

Why a logical understanding isn’t always enough.

“I understand it logically, but it still doesn’t really change anything.” At some point or other, I hear this from almost all my clients. They have a logical understanding of something, but they still don’t feel right about it. Understanding something logically, and really feeling it tends to be two different things. Because while it’s easy…

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