Free coaching - and my 3 step interview. - TJ Guttormsen

Free coaching – and my 3 step interview.

This week I have two cool things for you, and I’m gonna give you my free gift right up front:

Free coaching!

If you haven’t already had a free coaching session with me, here’s your chance!

For the next three weeks, until I go on vacation to Brazil for Carnival (have you been? Any advice?), I’ll be giving away as many free coaching sessions as I can fit into my schedule!

These are no strings attached, no holds barred, full-on coaching sessions conducted via video calls. It’s not a sales call. There are no teasers. I want to help you if I can, for free, because I can afford to.

If you want to book your session, or if you have any questions, simply click here, and if there are any available spots in the calendar that opens for you – pick one!

You’ll get an automatic email to confirm your booking, and one from me personally the next time I sit down by my work computer.

I expect that my schedule will fill up pretty fast since this offer is going out to thousands of people, so click that reply button right now if you want your free coaching.

It’s first come, first serve until I run out of spots!



My three-part talk on Success, Thriving, Confidence, and Relationships.

My friend and colleague John Litchenberg just did a re-launch of his business, and as part of this re-launch, he’s created a new YouTube channel where he does interviews with worthwhile people.

Luckily for me, he thinks I’m worthwhile and did a three-part interview with me that you can check out at his channel via the following links:

Video 1: “I’m not an adult!”

Video 2: “What is transparent honesty?”

Video 3: “3 steps to exude confidence.”

There’s tons of content in those videos that I usually only share with my paying clients – and plenty of stuff that I don’t remember sharing publicly at all before. So check them out!


-TJ Guttormsen

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