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Free comfort zone training!

So last year I created the best online program that I’ve ever been a part of (if I may say so myself) – the Centeredness Program, which – among other things – helps you master your comfort zone. Since I haven’t stopped talking about it since, you’ve probably heard about it 😉

But here’s the real news:

Recently I decided that I wanted to give people a chance to take one of the trainings in the program for free.

Both because I love sharing this stuff, but let’s be honest – also because I need to promote my work.

So without further ado, click here to go to your free video training!

All you have to do is enter your first name and e-mail address, and you’ll be immediately sent to the video. You’ll also receive an e-mail with a link so that you can re-watch the training any time you want, as well as an extra bonus 😉

The training is a deep dive into how I teach and use the complete comfort zone to make sure that my clients are always pushing themselves and growing – but not taking on challenges that are so big that they do more harm than good.

It’s the only real, safe and long-term successful way to live outside your comfort zone easily to reach your goals.

You might have heard me talk about the complete comfort zone before, but I have never gone as deep in my public talks about it as I do in this training, so I really recommend you take a look.

Following the steps and tasks I give you in this training will allow you to easily expand your comfort zone more and more in any area of life that you want to fully master.

So again, click here to get access to the free training now.

See you on the other side, and hope to hear what you think about it!

– TJ Guttormsen
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