How to optimize yourself. - TJ Guttormsen

How to optimize yourself.

There are many things we are used to optimizing regularly.

People who love their car gets the oil changed regularly. Keeps it clean. Feeds it high-quality gas. Replaces things as they break and take it in for a full service now and then.

Computer nerds like myself make sure our old hard drives are defragmented. Clean up the system files when necessary. And tinker around with the start-up software, firewalls and other such things to keep our machines running as smoothly as possible.

People who like to garden regularly make sure the soil is perfect. Tends to their plants often. Gets the best and/or latest equipment and fertilizers, and so on.

This is optimizing.


But how often do we optimize ourselves?

How often do you give yourself a once-over? A tune-up?

How often do you take the time to get yourself checked out – inside and out – and put effort, attention, and resources towards maintaining, fixing and improving the things that need it?


And I’m not talking about eating healthy and exercising (though I strongly recommend these).

I’m talking about identifying the things that aren’t working as well as they could – and taking steps to improve them.

Personally, I’ve, in the last four months: Gone to the dentist to get my teeth worked on. Been to my doctor for all-around check-ups. Gone to a dermatologist to have my moles checked out. Gotten my muscles and joints worked on by a professional. And today I went to the optometrist and learned that getting glasses when working at the computer should eliminate those annoying headaches I tend to get.

I’ve also gotten regular coaching in two of the main areas of my life, to improve my understanding, increase my efforts and boost my results.


Not all of these things were particularly fun (or cheap, for that matter). But each one of them has made me a stronger, better and more well-functioning version of myself.

I’m healthier and more able to do my work and enjoy my life thanks to the health services I’ve used. And mentally I’m stronger, more educated and more motivated than I have been in a long time thanks to my coaches.


So when was the last time you invested in optimizing yourself?

I’m guessing it’s time to do it. If not all of it at once, like I’ve been doing the last few months, then at least in one or two areas.

So which is it? What is the next thing or two you are going to put some of your resources into to make yourself a better and stronger version of yourself?

And remember, I’m still giving away free coaching sessions to those who haven’t had one, so that’s a free and very low-threshold way to get your optimizing started!


-TJ Guttormsen
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