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New course & an eye-contact hack.

My brand-new online course “Centeredness: The Secrets of Confident Communication” is out! And you should really take a look at it – especially since I’m offering you a 95% discount to celebrate the launch! 😉

In the course, I share a little trick that make other people instantly perceive you as more confident.

Well, I mean, the course is almost 4 hours long so I share a lot more than that – but it is one of the things.

The trick is very simple and only requires two things: That you remember it, and that you actually trust the process and do it – even if it feels a little awkward at first.

It’s an eye-contact trick, and it goes like this:

The better you get at holding eye-contact with someone while you’re talking – the more confident the person you’re talking to will feel that you are.

You see..

Most people are fairly good at holding eye-contact while they’re listening to other people talk. But when it comes time to talk themselves, their eyes tend to go everywhere.

This is both because we tend to do certain eye-movement when activating things like memory, creativity, etc, and because when we’re the one doing the talking – that’s when we feel the most vulnerable. And if we’re watching the person that’s listening to us.. well, we might see that they don’t like what we have to say.

But if we’re not looking straight at them – we avoid picking up on any negative reactions.

All this is completely automatic and subconscious, of course. But the good news is that it’s very easy to override.

All you have to do is practice holding other people’s eye-contact when YOU speak. Not necessarily 100% of the time, but for the majority of it.

People who do that is seen as confident. Confident about what they say. Confident about themselves.

And they are treated that way too.

So start practicing this immediately. With friends, with family, with co-workers or fellow students, and with strangers.

This little social hack will lead to noticeable differences in how others react to you.

The new course.

And please, click here to take a look at my new course. It will normally sell for $200, but to celebrate my launch I’m giving you guys a 95% discount! That means that the price drops to about $9.99!
(The actual price might vary slightly in other currencies, but the discount will still be 94-96%.)

That’s less than what most people spend to see a movie, on a couple of drinks when they go out, or a fast-food meal when they’re hungry. So this should be a no brainer!

I’d normally give you a long list of what the course teaches, but you’ll get a better and more detailed view of that on the sales page here. Rest assured that there’s tons of content about understanding yourself and others, building confidence, and mastering communication.

And for those who already took my incredibly popular course “Social Confidence for Introverts” – this course builds on that with A LOT more content, so this will take you a great step further than that last course did!



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