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My Services

Personal Coaching

I offer personal coaching to people all across the world. There is no one who can't benefit from having regular conversations with an experienced third party who can help them increase their performance or communication skills over time.

I primarily work with people who have big goals or intend to make significant changes in their lives. My work focuses on creating the results you want in the future, and to hold you accountable for doing the necessary effort to get them.

I usually do one session a week per client, but I do have a very limited amount of coaching slots available. If you are interested in coaching, we will first do at least one free coaching call. This will be a full-on, no-holds-barred coaching call to discover if we're a good match and to ensure that together we can get you to your goals.

To book this session, contact me via the form below with your information.

Employee Training

This is a popular service among the businesses and organizations I work with. My Team Training Service includes an initial seminar (where you're free to invite anyone and everyone) and then follow-up sessions with specific teams within your organization. These sessions are usually conducted weekly or bi-weekly over several months.

My goal is not only to give your employees an initial burst of insight and improvement, but to follow up with them over time to ensure that they get past any sticking points or surprises they might face. The constant injection of inspiration and knowledge helps keep the team on track while we dive deeper and deeper into the insights that will increase results immensly.

In order to tell you more about how this would best work for you, I need a little information. Reach out through the contact form below and let me know what your business does, and who you want to help achieve better results.


I give talks at all kinds of events, conferences, and businesses in the past. From small mom-and-pop run operations with no more than 10 employees to large organizations and events with a four-digit audience.

My seminars are built on the knowledge that you can achieve great progress in a short amount of time. All you need is the right insights mixed with some laughs and a few memorable moments. I custom build the seminar to fit your needs and can focus solely on communication or performance - or combine the two for those with larger appetites.

So whether you're looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, or simply want someone to come to speak at your place of business, I can accommodate you.

To learn more about my seminars, and how I can best fulfill your need, reach out through the contact sheet at the bottom of this page.

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