Testimonials - TJ Guttormsen


- Deepak Ranade
Director of engineering

TJ’s coaching helped me get rid of the stress that I’d been experiencing my whole life. It was a huge weight off of my shoulders, and all my relationships are better for it.

The funny thing is, I hired him to help me communicate better, but it turned out the problem wasn’t my words and he recognized that through our sessions.

When he shared with me what he had seen in me, my whole world started to change for the better.


- Øyvind Dragsten
Senior software developer Norconsult

TJ is a great coach and course instructor. I have had tremendous changes in my life after I started working with TJ in 2010.

His work has a solid foundation in scientifically proven methods and personal experience. I like this combination, as I come from a scientific background myself.

He knows how to explain complicated things in an easily understandable and entertaining way. You can always rely on Torkel. He delivers what he promises. I highly recommend Torkel as a coach and instructor.

- Yann Com-Nougue
Lead Online Developer at UBISOFT

TJ is a captivating speaker that connects on a personal level with his audience. I attended many of his workshops and seminars and was always impressed by his calm presence, and the clarity with which he communicated his message.

As a team lead in a fast paced, high-tech company, I more than once modeled some of TJ's teaching and communication style in meetings or when giving small group coaching. Very pleased with the results.


- Maria Johnson

TJ helped me get rid of my social insecurities so fast that I almost didn’t notice it happening.

I now feel much more confident and social. I’ve been able to get a new and better job, and I wouldn’t have been where I am if not for his coaching.

- Heine Kolltveit
Life coach

As I started out as a public speaking life coach TJ helped me out with setting it up and even did the first seminar with me.

He knows a ton of stuff on how to be your best self and got both the personal and the coaching experience to back it up. And he knows how to transfer that to seminar participants or coaching clients.

Lillian Rydning
Cognitive psychologist

TJ Guttormsen is an authority in his field. He is very knowledgable and bases his teachings on documented and effective strategies, which sets him apart from most coaches out there.

And he has a unique ability to teach in an engaging way.

More testimonials and references available upon request.

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