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Communication Insight

Communication runs our world.

Imagine if you were unable to communicate with the world around you. That neither your verbal or your non-verbal language was understandable to anyone but you. You could still interact with everyone. Still move around. Make noises. Flap your arms. But no one would understand what any of it meant.

How much do you think you would achieve? Or even get done, on a daily basis?

The truth is that although this is a bit of an exaggerated example, people tend to not understand each other a lot more often than we think. A simple example of this is how often misunderstandings lead to errors, conflicts or lack of results.

It is not lost on most people just how important communication is. But very few are aware of just how often the things we try to communicate is not understood by other people.

Social intelligence.

In our fast-paced world, with seemingly endless tools to help us communicate, our social intelligence is more important than ever before. Without it, we are likely to misunderstand what others try to communicate to us, and vice versa.

So how do we go about improving our social intelligence?

By removing all the things that are holding it back.

Study after study, as well hundreds of anecdotal examples from my own experience from all over the world, show one thing: Social intelligence, and good communication, is an innate skill in humans. Poor social intelligence and communication is more often than not a result of what I call contaminated thinking.

Contaminated thinking.

Contaminated thinking can be many things, but these tend to be the most common ones:

- Lacking an understanding of communicational psychology.
- Believing in faulty myths and erroneous knowledge.
- Being "in your head" instead of in the conversation.
- Guarding yourself against potential vulnerability.

Through achieving insights around these, and other, topics - people tend to quickly improve their communication skills and results. When this is combined with practicing the "skills of the trade" that people need in their day-to-day work, the results tend to lead to include:

- An improvement in professional results.
- An increase in work satisfaction.
- An improved work-environment.
- Better customer relations (where applicable).
- Increased confidence and cooperation.

So as you can see, our focus is not to teach a bunch of new techniques that have to be remembered or practiced. Instead, we help remove contaminated and distracted thinking. And without these holding us back, understanding and practicing good communication becomes nearly effortless.

You will see how easy high-level communication is, once our experience of it is fully understood.

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